What kind of person are you?

Work has been sucking big time over the last couple months, I’ve been struggling to make sense of what’s going on because it seems like nothing I do is right by my boss. I’ve only got a couple months left on my contract, so I was starting to think about job hunting, and determined to just put my head down, bite my tongue, try to stay out of trouble, and focus on getting the job done without calling attention to myself. Lay low and see it out, hopefully get an okay reference to help me move on.

But then on the weekend I read a short article in the Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Weekend that made me stop and think. Adrian Vanas works at Courage to Care – a program that helps kids stand up to bullying and prejudice. During World War II Adrian Vanas helped save the lives of more than 1100 Jewish people, and one of the things he tries to communicate to kids is that to stop injustice – whether it be the holocaust or bullying – it takes bystanders to stand up and take action when they see something wrong occurring.  Adrian reveals “There’s a certain thing I developed during the war years. As soon as I meet a person, my mind goes, ‘What sort of a person is he? Can I trust him?’

This made me stop and consider: what sort of person am I, if I do nothing to stop the bullying going on in my workplace? It’s not just me who is being badly treated, I’ve seen my colleagues suffer the same treatment at the hands of our boss.

To be honest even as I write this today I still don’t know exactly what action I will take, if any. Is it worth sticking my neck out, going through the stress of confronting this issue and the people involved, when I could instead learn to let it slide,  and go get another job elsewhere?  Who will believe me over the boss and her sidekick? Standing up to them is sure to create more stress and trouble for me, why bother? Ethically I know the right thing, but personally I don’t want to fight.

At this point I am still undecided as to ‘what sort of person I am,’ whether I will or won’t stand up about this issue.

While I deliberate on the topic I am going to write down my recollections of unfair incidents to date, evidence incriminating emails, test the waters with other staff to see who else has been having the same problems with the boss, read up on workplace bullying to see what I can do to overcome these problems, and learn about my rights and what actions I can take.

And yeah, I’m blogging about it. Hopefully there are others out there who can give me some tips about dealing with bully bosses, and equally I will share whatever I learn with you.

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2 thoughts on “What kind of person are you?

  1. Workplace Sanctuary

    Workplace bullying spills over and affects others who are not in the bully’s line of fire. It is not a very easy place to be and there are many things to consider. he ideal would be for staff to come together when they witness what is happening to their colleague, but this is far from the reality. Know that you are a good person for putting so much thought into this and documenting your thoughts for others to see it. You are taking a stand.

    • Thanks Workplace Sanctuary! And congratulations for being my very first commenter 😉

      I agree, when you think about the bullying as just being about yourself and your own problems it’s harder to stand up to it or know what to do, but the minute you start looking around at how it affects everyone else too… You know you’re not alone, and what you’re doing is important for them all.

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